You sometimes see us post “Community Assistance” posts on our Website, Facebook, and Twitter… but why do we do it, and why like we do?

Posting case related images online is often a last resort.   Depending on the severity of the case, Department officers and detectives have run their investigation, utilized the tools available to them, communicated with regional departments but still need that much more information – that’s when we ask the public to help. 

Community Assistance posts are a very, very small fraction of the cases the department handles. 

Why do we post like we do, with our regular disclaimer, and sometimes little other information? 
The biggest reason is that we’re bound by State and Federal regulation in what information we can reveal about a case – especially online. (read about CHRIA for a little on that) also, there’s general consideration. 

Think about it – If you were associated with a case be it victim, actor, or witness, you’d not want your information posted online for everyone to see. 

We have to be very careful what information we release.  Information can make or break a case. Information can ruin lives, livlihoods, reputations and destroy privacy. 

“Yeah, but if you….”, “yeah but if I….” – no, it’s a small world (which is why this works).   Knowing about the case won’t help you know the person in the picture or not. You either may know the person, or you don’t.  
If you are associated with a case, you have a reporting officer to deal with. 
If you’d just like to know more about a case, the chances are that we legally can’t release that information to you. 

We’re not always looking for a “bad guy”, sometimes it’s just someone who was in the area at the time and may have seen something.  Sometimes to return property to someone.  

The West Mifflin Police department takes great pride in it’s online presence and the community built around it.   
A single post can reach hundreds of thousands of people within minutes of going live – and it works!  The community is truly being assisted because of your help and feedback. 

Thank you all for youe help!  Be sure to keep visiting the department online properties. 
Keep *liking*, sharing, and posting.  It all helps. 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The Borough of West Mifflin continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are following updates from the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD), State Agencies and the CDC.

We will continue to monitor development and will relay information as it becomes available.

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