The West Mifflin Police Department will now be offering residential property security surveys to
Borough residents.

The West Mifflin Police Department has certified officers trained in crime prevention
techniques, target hardening, and utilizing the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental
Design (C.P.T.E.D.).

Officers will conduct a comprehensive survey of your property, which will include exterior design and
security and interior security design. Lighting, landscaping, alarm systems, doors, windows, locks, etc will
be included as part of this program. Residents will receive a detailed report upon completion of the
survey and will be offered target-hardening advice and recommendations to further secure their

Any resident interested in having a security survey conducted on their home should contact Officer
Michael Woodburn, West Mifflin Police Department, and an officer will contact you to schedule a date
and time to conduct the survey.

You can reach the department at (412) 461 3125