toddler-06Just an FYI for the community –

Children’s Hospital employees will be out and about in the community between May 1st and September 30th as a part of the Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention “Hard Heads” program.
Rewarding kids for wearing helmets, helping to fit them correctly and handing out coupons for those who don’t have them.

The Hard Head Patrol (Children’s Hospital) staff do have appropriate clearances and will be properly identified with their hospital badges and a “Hard Head” button.

This is a great program and we’d like to welcome the patrol to our community.  We’d much prefer that our local kids be “Hard Heads”.

Don’t be alarmed if you see Children’s Hospital staff with local kids on wheels.
Of course, if you’re not sure about any interaction, or the person on patrol refuses to show identification, please call the West Mifflin Borough Police Department at (412) 461 3125

Per Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh:

“Injury prevention at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is partnering with Kohl’s department stores to make kids on wheels (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.) safer by promoting helmets.   The summer initiative is called “Hard Heads.”  This program does more than provide helmets to kids who may not have them; it’s an attempt to raise the awareness of parents, families and communities.  We would like it to be unusual to see a child in your community on wheels without wearing a helmet”

From May 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016 Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh will be sending Hard Head Patrol out into the community.  Hospital employees who live in the community will patrol their neighborhoods to reward kids who are wearing helmets, adjust helmets that are being worn incorrectly and provide coupons for free helmets to kids who aren’t wearing them.   Children’s staff all have the appropriate clearances and will be identified by their hospital badge and a large Hard Head Patrol button…..”

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