We’re aware of a telephone scam that is becoming alarming common. 

Phone number:  (Mexico)


Reports are that individuals receive a phone call from the above, unfamiliar number. 
Upon answering the phone, a distressed (often) female (sometimes with an accent) voice: “Mom, Mom, they have me”, or otherwise claiming to have been kidnapped and begging for help. 

It gets worse, there are reports that a male then gets on the phone, and calls the individual by first and last name. 

In some cases, when the phone call hasn’t been disconnected – the callers have demanded tens of thousands of dollars for the release of said hostage. 

Threats have been made, and further details discussed. 

  • Do Not answer telephone calls from phone numbers that you do not recognize, especially international numbers. Check for a message. 
  • Should you happen to answer a call similar to this one, we recommend taking a note of the telephone number, and calling your local police department with the details immediately.